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The Need to Be A Star in the Eyes of an Employer

It is still a “buyer’s market” in the employment arena. Employers continue to receive sometimes hundreds of resumes per job opening (with many hundreds more being sent for no specific job, but with the hope that someone will notice how terrific is the sender). Thus, hiring managers and HR departments can and continue to be […]

Your Brand is More Than Simply Words on a Page

I learned a very long time ago that the vast majority of people do business with people, not companies. In most organizations, the degree of success obtained can often be directly linked back to the strength of the relationships developed between provider and client. Remember that old saying, “Price is only an issue in the […]

Are You Acting Your Age in Your Job Search?

In mid-November, I’ll turn 60 years old. People around me are having a lot of fun with that, at my expense of course. My standard reply when someone asks, “How do you feel about turning sixty” is, “Sixty is the new thirty”. That usually results in at least a few smiles, but that is really how […]

Job Seekers: Get Your Story Straight!

  Communication…it can be your greatest ally or most formidable enemy. As a job seeker, you are the CEO of your own job search, along with being the director of marketing and communications. This means that you are responsible for developing your search’s strategic plan along with being in charge of its implementation. You are […]

Finding the Employer that is the Right Fit for You

Just returned from a trip to Florida and had the opportunity to meet a number of people who used to live elsewhere, but now call the Sunshine State their home. The vast majority of those folks moved to be with or take care of parents or just became tired of six months of snow and […]

Don’t Ever Give Up During a Job Search

Everyone who has experienced a forced job transition knows that there are a host of emotions to deal with during that period, many of which are not very pleasant. For the majority of the people with whom I do job search coaching, the most powerful of the “not too pleasant” variety are a lack of self-confidence and growing […]

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

Just finished opening week for the major league baseball season. My hometown team, the Cleveland Indians, has thus far won three games and lost three. They’ve done some things very well and others…let’s just hope the poor play in the losses was the result of “jitters” and can be corrected quickly.   As a fan, […]

How to Handle the Question – “Why Should I Choose You Over the Other Candidates?”

Recently I was interviewed for an Internet radio program on LocalJobNetwork.com and asked how hiring managers want candidates to answer questions related to why they should be selected over other applicants.I believe that this remains one of those questions that candidates really dislike tackling and struggle with because there seems to be no real right or wrong […]

“Bringing it” to the Interview

There is a popular exercise program that has been out on DVD for a while called P90X, that displays the words, “Bring it” at the beginning of the first disk of the set.  This is done to establish the tone for what the instructor, Tony Horton, is going to put you through as you perform […]

Differentiating Yourself – Answering the Question: “Why?”

Recently, I attended the NFL game between my Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills.  There were 71,000+ people in attendance and the majority of those fans were wearing something (hat, jacket, jersey) with the team’s colors (brown and orange).  Let’s say that someone that knew me was also at the game and decided to text […]

Preparation is the Key When Trying to Land a New Job

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed an “interview implosion”, which was painful to watch.  Yet, this squandered opportunity could have turned out very differently, had the candidate just put in some prep time prior to that discussion.Because I happened to arrive fairly early for a breakfast meeting, I wound up being one of only […]